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The Hidden Exposed

 The Hidden Exposed

I believe people should be open minded about other cultures and believes

I believe people could take a little bit more care for other the people and the environment.

I made bracelets which are designed to connect people with the ancient hebrew alphabet in a personal way.

I started my journey by being interested in the henna ceremony, a ceremony practiced by jews who have been in touch with arabic culture in the past. 

Therefor a lot of jews tend to celebrate the henna ceremony less cause of the difference between the jews that don’t see the ceremony as jewish.

With the henna ceremony, brides where always dressed in bright colors and lots of jewelry, In the first place I made henna-jewelry from ceramic, which evolved to the metal serie in the end.

Each metal bracelet is a unique design, contains letters by choosing of the wearer. and material of choosing like stainless steel, copper or brass.

The readability is adjusted a little bit. Each letter in hebrew stands for a different amount of numbers, meanings and values. With your personal bracelet you will get the information you need to know about your letters.

with any good jewelry the value lays inside, where the outside is the eye-catching part.

This way the inside is true and sentimental to the wearer, and a treat for the eye of passing viewers.

Hidden but exposed.